Lisa Gibbs

Other than her children, Lisa E. Gibbs, Ed.D. is passionate about two things: teaching dance and teaching people how to become financially secure. She has a diverse background in administration, dance education and performance, and financial services. Her first experience in teaching dance was with Children’s Dance Foundation in 1994 when she was also the Administrative Assistant. She loves teaching ballet and modern dance and continues to study the craft of teaching dance. From 1995 to 2011, Lisa performed in the Birmingham area with Southern Danceworks, Sanspointe, and Arova Contemporary Ballet. After achieving her dream job of being a professional dancer, she discovered she enjoyed financial education. Her newest passion is helping people learn to become financially secure through conversation and action steps regarding behavior around money. Lisa believes the same dedication to achieving success in dance can be applied to achieving success in your financial well-being, and that having a good teacher makes all the difference.