2020 Spring Performances

We are having a fabulous year and our students are looking forward to the opportunity to perform and share what they are learning.  Our teachers and students are working on choreography for our spring student performances. Following are details you need to know for photo call and performance week to help everything run smoothly.  We work hard to make recital time as easy and enjoyable as possible.  If a problem occurs, we will do whatever we can to alleviate it quickly and efficiently.  Please try to be patient with us and remember that in addition your child, we are responsible for many other students as well.  Thank you for your help and understanding.

The performance fee you pay for your child to participate covers the cost of their costume(s), the theatre and production expenses, and new this year – a digital video download of the performances The Apple Pip Princess (3 year old through 2nd grade dance classes) and Ever Wonder (3rd-12th grade dance classes) produced by Music Techniques.  The performance is free to attend; no tickets are required. TDF is a non-profit with extensive work in the community; we raise funds for that work through your purchases of recital photographs, invitations, and bouquets.  However, these items are optional.

CAST LISTS are enclosed in recital packets and posted in the lobby. Please check the cast list carefully for the spelling of your child’s name, and to confirm their recital time. If your child’s name is not spelled correctly or is not listed and you plan for him/her to be in the recital, PLEASE NOTIFY our office BEFORE MARCH 10TH!

Please note:  The week after recital will be our last classes for the school year which ends Saturday, May 9th.  We will be dancing that week, and dancers through 2nd grade may wear their costume to class.  Class placement letters for dancers in 3rd grade and up for next season, 2020-2021, will be mailed to each student on May 11th.

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Costumes / Tights / Hair and Makeup

Costumes are being handed out in classes.  It is the dancer’s responsibility to keep each costume clean and neat through photo call, dress rehearsal and the performance. Please do not let your child play in his/her costume before the recital.   They may be difficult to clean or replace if something happens.


Please note if there are any minor adjustments you need to make (i.e. the straps are slightly loose and need to be sewn shorter) or if your costume needs to be steamed or pressed, we ask that you take care of these things on your own.

Hair should be neat, with all wisps smoothed down with spray or gel. Some costumes come with a hairpiece. Look to see if there is a clip or bow pinned to the side of the costume for your child’s hair.  Discuss with your child’s teacher how the hair should be worn for recital and photos.

Students should wear age-appropriate makeup for dress rehearsal and performance.  Stage lights at The Alabama Theatre are very bright and can wash out the dancer’s face, so makeup is recommended for all dancers.  Makeup is optional for photo call.

Female dancers should wear tights (NO panties, bras) under their costume (style and color assignments following).  Boys do not need tights.  Nude camisole leotards may be worn for additional support and/or coverage if needed.  Tights, nude leotards, shoes, and bun kits are available for purchase in our dancewear shop at The Dance Foundation.

2 yr old classes – pink footed tights and pink ballet shoes for girls, boys may be barefoot

2 ½ year old classes – pink footed tights and pink ballet shoes for girls, boys may be barefoot

3yr old and 4yr old classes – pink footed tights and pink ballet shoes for girls, black ballet shoes for boys / hair should be neatly pulled away from the face in any style

Kindergarten through 2nd Grade Ballet classes – pink footed tights and pink ballet shoes for girls, black ballet shoes for boys / hair should be in a bun

K, 1st, and 2nd Grade Tap classes – tan footed tights and black tap shoes / bun

2nd grade Modern classes – tan footless tights, bare feet / bun

Special needs classes – black dance pants or leggings that are knee length or longer

Ballet I Wed and Thursday, Ballet IIA, Ballet IIB, Ballet IIIA – pink convertible footed tights and pink ballet shoes for girls, black for boys / bun

Modern I Wed and Thurs – tan footless tights, bare feet / bun

Tap II, Tap IV– tan convertible footed tights, black tap shoes / bun

Modern IIB and Modern IIIB/IV – pink or tan convertible footless tights, bare feet / bun

Musical Theatre – tan convertible footed tights (dancers with leggings as part of their costume may wear pink or tan convertible or footless tights underneath), tan jazz shoes for girls, black jazz shoes for boys / low bun

Ballet IIIB/IV – Capezio pink convertible footed tights with seam in back, pointe shoes / bun

Modern/Jazz DEP – tan convertible footed tights with tan jazz shoes for girls, black jazz shoes for boys / bun

Jazz IIB – black footless tights, tan jazz shoes for girls, black jazz shoes for boys / low bun

Modern IIA – white footless tights, bare feet / bun

Tap III – black convertible footed tights, black tap shoes / bun

Modern IIIA – tan footless tights, bare feet / down and messy

Improvisation – pink or tan convertible or footless tights, bare feet / bun, pony, or braid

Tap I/DEP – tan convertible footed tights, black tap shoes / high ponytail

Jazz III/IV – tan convertible footed tights, tan jazz shoes for girls, black jazz shoes for boys / bun, pony, or braid


Dancers with costume changes

Dance Foundation staff will be backstage to help dancers with costume changes. No parents or volunteers are needed.

Students should arrive wearing their first costume with correct tights and shoes.

Students should bring additional costume(s) on a hanger. Place additional dance shoes, tights, and any costume accessories in a large ziplock bag. Label the bag with the child’s name and cast (Cast A, B, C) in large, bold print. Place the bag on the hanger with the costume.

Label EVERYTHING including tights, all dance shoes, and all costumes with student’s name or initials.

To make changing easier, your dancer may layer her tights* (wearing the second tights underneath the first pair tights) but this is not required. *Cannot be done with footless tights; applies to footed only

Dancers will change costumes in the dressing rooms backstage and then wait with their next class and our staff in their designated area.

Dancers should take all items home after dress rehearsal and performance.

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Focus on Kids Photography will be taking portraits of all dancers at The Dance Foundation during the dancer’s regular studio class time(s). Your purchase of photos raises funds for our community outreach and tuition assistance programs. If your dancer is absent that week, she/he will miss the class group portrait; however, a make-up for an individual photo of your dancer may be arranged.  We will also dance in class that day.

For photo call week, please be sure to arrive extra early if you will need to prepare your dancer for photos at the studio.  Dancers must be dressed in costume and ready for photos to be taken at the start of class time.  Please bring your own hair supplies or purchase one of our BUN KITS that are available in our shop for your convenience.  Please do not rely on our teachers to get your dancer ready.  Dancers should wear their hair in the assigned style as indicated on the cast list.  For photos, light makeup is recommended, but not required.

Payment for photos must be paid by cash, check or credit card at the time of your photo and an order envelope must be completed for each class/costume your dancer is photographed in.

Make checks payable to Focus on Kids Photography.  Satisfaction is guaranteed by Focus on Kids.

If a student is in more than one class and will be ordering photos for more than one class/costume, you may put payment in the first class envelope and select “additional package” on the additional envelope(s).

There is no obligation for you to purchase photos; however, it’s important that your dancer is included in her/his class group photo.

You may prepay for photos with a credit/debit card at www.ccdebitpay.com . You will need to record your Reference # to write on your order envelope.

Your photos will be available at the end of April, and you will be contacted when they are ready for pick up at TDF.

YOU MAY PICK UP ORDER ENVELOPES AT THE RECEPTION DESK THE WEEK BEFORE CLASS IF YOU WILL NOT BE PRESENT WITH YOUR DANCER DURING PHOTO CALL WEEK.  Please use one envelope for each costume (payment may be included in the first costume envelope).

Schedule of satellite classes photos (TO BE TAKEN AT THE DANCE FOUNDATION) – please pick up your dancer’s costume at The Dance Foundation before your photo call time.

Advent Episcopal School – Saturday, March 14th at 1:15pm

Canterbury CDC 3 year olds – Saturday, March 14th at 12:30pm

Canterbury CDC 4 year olds – Saturday, March 14th at 12:45pm

First Church – Monday, March 9th at 6:50pm

Homewood Day School – Saturday, March 14th at 1:00pm

Levite Jewish Community Center 3 year olds – Tuesday, March 10th at 6:30pm

Levite Jewish Community Center 4 year olds – Tuesday, March 10th at 6:45pm

Our Lady of Sorrows 3 year olds – Thursday, March 12th at 6:15pm

Our Lady of Sorrows 4 year olds – Thursday, March 12th at 6:30pm

Saint Mark – Monday, March 9th at 6:35pm

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2-year-old classes

 Our 2 year old class dancers will present what they have been working on this year during their last class in May in our studio theatre on Tuesday, May 5th; Wednesday, May 6th; or Saturday, May 9th. We will meet at the regular class time. Family and friends are invited to watch the students dance and stay after for an informal reception to celebrate the year of learning and dancing together. The performance will last about 15 minutes.

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2 ½ year-old classes – Sylvia and Bird

 The 2 ½ year old classes will perform “Sylvia and Bird,” based on the book by Catherine Rayner. This event will give your dancer a positive introduction to performing for an audience, while celebrating their year of learning and dancing together.  To help the students feel comfortable in the performance space, we will take them to the performance studio during class time at least a week before their performance. They will get a chance to look around the space and rehearse their class dance at that time.

PERFORMANCEFriday, May 1, 2020 at The Dance Foundation

Your child’s class participates in only one of the show times:

4:00 pm Show
Ms. Stephanie M.’s Saturday 10:10 class
Ms. Carolyn’s Friday 9:15 class

5:00 pm Show
Ms. Joanna’s Tuesday 10:10 class
Ms. Stephanie K.’s Wednesday 9:15 class
Ms. Blakely’s Thursday 9:15 class

Please arrive to TDF 10 minutes before your dancer’s show time.  Bring your child in costume and fully ready. You will drop your child off in Studio #3 with their teacher and then you may go down the hall to be seated in our theatre. Please be sure your child has been to the potty before you leave them with TDF staff.  We will not be ready to adequately supervise your child until 10 minutes before show time. If you arrive early, please stay with your child until a TDF staff person is ready to take over. The performance will last about 15 minutes and the reception will follow immediately in Studio #2.

Please note:  Seating is limited in the performance studio.  We ask that each dancer limit their guests to no more than 6 adults. Siblings/children can sit on laps or on the floor in front of the stage.

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Age 3 through 2nd grade – The Apple Pip Princess

Dancers in our 3-year-old through 2nd grade classes will perform “The Apple Pip Princess,” based on the book by Jane Ray.  Following is the CAST list by class.

recital cast list


Saturday, May 2nd at the Alabama Theatre: 1817 3rd Ave North, Downtown Birmingham.

Please note:  Regular Saturday classes will not meet at TDF on May 2nd

CAST A, Rehearsal – 9:00 am (Arrive at 8:45 am)

CAST B, Rehearsal – 11:15 am (Arrive at 11:00 am)

CAST C, Rehearsal – 1:30 pm (Arrive at 1:15 pm)

Students should arrive in costume at the stage door located on 18th street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues North, downtown Birmingham.

You need to stay with your dancer for the entirety of the dress rehearsal. Please park your car and enter together through the stage doors.

Please do not allow children to get on the stage until they are called up!   After some brief announcements, we will call dancers up by class onto the stage.  First, we will rehearse the finale all together and then run the show from the beginning.

After your child has finished their class dance, they will be dismissed and you may take them home.


Sunday, May 3rd at the Alabama Theatre: 1817 3rd Ave North, Downtown Birmingham.

CAST A Show time – 1:00 pm (Arrive at 12:30 pm)

CAST B Show time – 3:15 pm (Arrive at 2:45 pm)

CAST C Show time – 5:30 pm (Arrive at 5:00 pm)

It is extremely important that all students arrive in costume and stage ready at the stage door at the assigned time and no earlier. The recitals run back to back and TDF staff will not be available to receive your child before their scheduled arrival time.

Parents and family must enter the theatre through the main entrance on 3rd Avenue North, around the corner from the stage door.

All performers will remain backstage until the entire recital is over, which will last a little over an hour. You will be given instructions at dress rehearsal on how to retrieve your child after the recital.

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3rd through 12th grade – Ever Wonder

It is imperative that dancers are present in class each week and at both rehearsals to ensure they have the opportunity to learn the choreography and be fully prepared for their performance.  Your dancer will be confident on stage and have the most enjoyable recital experience overall if she/he is as prepared as she/he can be.


Saturday, April 25, 9:00am – 1:00pm at THE DANCE FOUNDATION

All students should arrive by 9:00 (but not before 8:45am).

Students should come dressed in their CLASS ATTIRE with convertible or footless tights (NO COSTUMES) with hair neatly in a bun. Dancers should bring a dance bag with all shoes needed (labeled with name).  Dancers may bring a non-messy snack and bottle of water, if they wish.

The focus of this rehearsal will be setting the finale choreography, practicing the dances in program order and learning performer etiquette.  Students who miss this rehearsal may not be permitted to perform in the finale number; please notify Program Director Shellie Chambers ASAP if your dancer has a conflict with this rehearsal.


Tuesday, April 28th, 5:00pm – 9:00pm at THE ALABAMA THEATRE

Please note this rehearsal has traditionally been on a Thursday evening, but will be on TUESDAY this year. Classes that normally meet on Tuesdays will not meet at The Dance Foundation on Tuesday, April 28th. Rather, they will rehearse at The Alabama Theatre.

Students should arrive by 5:00 at the stage door on 18th Street, wearing their first costume with hair neat and performance-ready and make-up finished.  TDF staff will begin greeting students at 4:45pm. Doors to the lobby/front of theatre will be locked for the entire rehearsal.

Parents/family members are welcome to drop their dancer off or stay and watch from the audience. Students will sign in when they arrive and will receive a dressing room assignment if they have costume changes.  Our staff will be assigned to help with costumes changes; parents are not allowed back stage.

Each dancer should bring a dance bag containing their dance shoes, tights needed for additional costumes, a bottle of water and any other necessary hair, makeup or personal items. Parents may send their child with a sack dinner or may bring their child dinner to eat during a break. The front/lobby doors of the theatre will be locked; use the backstage door only.

After warming up together, we will run through the entire show twice.  Once the second and final run through has begun around 7:45pm, dancers may leave after they are finished dancing with each of their classes (refer to the enclosed cast list for program order).  We will not run the finale the second time through the show.

Parents should come to the stage door on 18th Street to pick up students (doors to the theatre lobby will be locked for the entire rehearsal). Staff will be there as well as security. Students will be instructed to gather their belongings as soon as they are finished dancing and wait in the first rows of the audience on house right until they are picked up.  The latest dismissal time will be 9:00pm. No one will be permitted to leave the theatre without a parent/guardian or another adult approved by you.


Saturday, May 2, 7:00pm at THE ALABAMA THEATRE

Call time:  5:45

Students should arrive by 5:45 at the stage door on 18th Street, wearing their first costume with hair neat and performance-ready and make-up finished. TDF staff will begin greeting students at 5:30pm.

Students will sign in and put their belongings away in their assigned dressing room and then proceed to the stage for warm up.

The lobby and house will open at 6:30pm and no earlier. Family members must enter through the front lobby of the theatre. The performance will begin at 7:00pm and will last about 75 minutes.

After the performance, we will release the students into the house from the door on house right. No one will be allowed backstage to get their dancer.  The Alabama Theatre does not allow anyone other than performers and those directly involved with the performance to be on stage at any time.

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Special needs classes

Thursday, May 7th at 4:30 or 5:15pm.

This is a wonderful time to have family and friends to watch the students dance and stay after for a bit to celebrate a year of learning and dancing together with a small reception.

The showcase will take the place of their last class for the year, Thursday, May 7th.

Younger Class (ages 4-11) – showcase time 4:30pm

Older Class (ages 12 and up) – showcase time 5:15pm

You will drop your child off in Studio 3 (their typical dance studio) and proceed down the hall to the theatre to find a seat. The showcase will begin 5-10 minutes later.

There is plenty of room in the audience, so feel free to invite as many friends and family as you like!

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