2021 Spring Performances

We are delighted to have your child dancing with us at The Dance Foundation for our 2020-2021 season!  We want to share with you our plans for our 2021 spring performance. Like this dance season, things will look a bit different for our spring performances in order to make social distancing possible for both audience members and dancers.

We are all set to have 3 year old through 12th grade classes perform at the historic Alabama Theatre, as is tradition. We are hopeful and optimistic that our plans will stay in place this spring! Our teaching artists will highlight what students have learned throughout the year in an artistic presentation, keeping social distancing in mind in the choreography. Students will be provided a uniform mask to wear for the performance if it is required for their age/class. Students participating in class via Zoom will be able to learn the choreography via Zoom along with the rest of the class but will be expected to join dancers in person for dress rehearsal and performance if they choose to participate in the performance. There will not be an option to participate in the performance virtually.  Dancers will not be all together on stage for a finale in any recital.

The performance fee below covers the costume(s), which are yours to keep, the production costs and a digital video download of your performance (not available for 2 and a half year old performances) produced by Music Techniques. You may pay the total fee by November 1st if you wish, or pay half now and the other half by February 1st.

If your child will not participate in the recital, please notify our office by November 1stOtherwise, you will be obligated for half of the performance fee, as stated in our policies.  We recommend that if you are unsure about your participation in recital that you opt in now to participate so that a costume is guaranteed, and then make a final decision by February 1st.

Scroll down for details and fee for your dancer’s performance –


2 and a half year old classes 

Please mark your calendars for the end of the year mini-showcase during your child’s last dance class the week of May 3-9, 2021. To help celebrate, we invite your family to come during our regular class time that week and watch some of what your 2 ½ year olds have been learning all year. There may be a limit to the number of guests each dancer can have in the audience. We will abide by the safety precautions in place this spring and share the information with you in February.

The mini-showcase dates – during your child’s regular class time:
May 4, 2021                        Tuesday 10:10am
May 5, 2021                        Wednesday 9:15am
May 8, 2021                        Saturday 9:15am
May 8, 2021                        Saturday 10:10am

Performance fee: $70.00


3 year old through 2nd grade classes (Movement to Music and Young Dancer  Program)

We will have five separate performances to accommodate our 3-year-old through 2nd grade classes to keep the event much smaller than in years past; each performance will include about 50 dancers. Each class will be assigned to one of the performance times listed below.  There will not be any dress rehearsals. Depending on safety recommendations at the time, dancers will either sit backstage or in the audience with their families. This decision will be made closer to recital time.

As a convenience to you, we do our best to ensure that families with more than one child are in the same performance. However, with increased enrollment of siblings every year and so many different performance times, we cannot guarantee that will be the case for all families. Additionally, 2nd graders taking more than one class might be in two separate performances. Times and more specific logistical information will be mailed to you early in 2021. For now, please note the following very important dates and mark your calendars.

Your child’s performance will be one of the following days/times:

Saturday, May 1, 2021      9:00am or 11:30am
Sunday, May 2, 2021        1:00pm, 3:15pm, or 5:30pm

The performance fee for 3 and 4 year old classes is as follows:
Performance fee: $160.00

The performance fee for K and 1st grade classes is as follows:
Performance fee: $160.00
Additional fee for Kindergarten and First Grade Tap classes: $40
This year in an effort to simplify the show and minimize the number of dancers in dressing rooms at any time, will we not have full costume changes for kindergarten and first grade tap students. Instead, tap dancers will have a single costume for ballet and tap that will have accessories that change for each class eliminating the need of a full costume change. This difference is reflected in the recital fee for tap classes.

The performance fee for 2nd grade classes is as follows:
Performance Fee: $160.00
Additional fee per class, beyond the first class, for Second Grade students: $75
Second graders in more than one class will have a separate costume for each class. Each student who has a costume change during the show, will be given their own dressing room backstage in which to change.



3rd through 12th graders (Dance Artist Program)

The Dance Artist Program will be divided into two recitals on Saturday, May 1st. There will be only one full-cast rehearsal; it will take place Friday, April 30.  Each performance will last approximately 40 minutes and will feature around 45 dancers. This will make it possible for families to distance in the audience and for dancers to spread out in dressing rooms. A limit may be placed on how many audience members a dancer may bring to the performance depending on the capacity of the performance venue and public gathering guidelines in May.  We will communicate details as we know them in early spring.  Costuming will be simplified so that dancers will have no more than one costume change during their 40-minute performance. Dancers will be directed to sit in the balcony when they are finished dancing. Dancers will not be all together on the stage for a finale.

The Performance fee:
Each student pays a performance fee of $180 for Ballet and/or Modern class(es) and an additional $75 for Jazz, Tap and/or Musical Theatre class(es). Traditionally, students have had a separate costume for each of their classes. This year, we are minimizing the number of costume changes since the total performance time is shortened as a COVID safety measure. Therefore, each dancer will have no more than two costumes total – one costume for both Ballet and Modern and one costume for Jazz, Tap, Musical Theatre. As a result, total performance fees are reduced.

Spring Class Attendance:
When students are preparing for the recital, attendance in class is imperative in order to learn the choreography with classmates and be confident on stage. Your dancer will have the most enjoyable recital experience overall if she/he is as prepared as possible. However, we understand that absences are more likely this dance season and continue to ask that you keep your dancer home if he/she does not meet our at-home health assessment before coming to class. If a dancer must stay home, we encourage observation of or participation in class via Zoom.

Please mark your calendars now with these dates:

Friday, April 30, 2021 – Dress Rehearsal:  CAST A 4:00-6:15 PM / CAST B 6:45-9:00 PM / Alabama Theatre

Please protect the dress rehearsal date on your calendar.  If your dancer has a conflict with the dress rehearsal, please notify Shellie Chambers as soon as possible. 

Saturday, May 1, 2021 – Performance:  CAST A 3:30 PM / CAST B 7:00 PM / Alabama Theatre
show times and casts revised 10.15.2020

CAST A Classes*                       CAST B Classes*
Ballet IIIA                                   Ballet IIIB
Modern IIIA                               Modern IIIB
Ballet I Monday                         Ballet IIA Wednesday
Modern I Monday                     Modern IIA Wednesday
Ballet IV                                       Ballet IIB
Modern IV                                   Modern IIB
Ballet IIA Tuesday                     Ballet I Thursday
Modern IIA  Tuesday                Modern I Thursday

*Dancers in Jazz, Tap and Musical Theatre will perform with their Jazz, Tap and Musical Theatre classes in the Cast that they have been assigned for Ballet/Modern. This means that these classes will be split.  Dance Improvisation, Prep for Pointe and Pointe will not perform as classes in the recital.