Resources for Parents

Resources for Parents and Educators

The Dance Foundation provides curriculum resources that are creative, active and fun. Our guidebook and cassette tapes/CD’s help typical and special needs preschoolers learn developmentally appropriate skills and concepts. These materials are available for educators and parents to use at school or home. The Dance Foundation also offers training for educators to acquire tools and activities on how to incorporate the arts into the classroom curricula.

Curriculum Resources:

Educator Training

Training sessions for classroom teachers and school administrators allow The Dance Foundation’s talented staff of instructors to share their techniques and expertise. We are eager to help educators integrate movement and music into the regular school curriculum, for early childhood development, or to meet the Alabama Course of Study’s arts standards. These sessions can also be focused on requested classroom material such as reading, math or science – almost anything! The Dance Foundation suggests that educator training be combined with Dance Foundation classroom visits. They can be single or multi-session experiences.

Studio Field Trip

Educators (and higher education students!) are welcome to visit and observe classes in our studios. Educators are also invited to bring their students on a field trip to have a dance class at The Dance Foundation studios. These are great opportunities to not only enhance the dance class experience, but also to augment teacher training sessions as well as classroom events, activities, and highlighted curriculum topics.

Dance to Grow and Music Makes the World Go Round

These CDs take you on a creative journey which integrates original, traditional and some not-so-well-known songs with movement stories and games. Many of these original songs and new twists on ‘old favorites’ are used in The Dance Foundation classes. Dance to Grow, Volume I is considered The Dance Foundation’s greatest hits, and Dance to Grow, Volume II is a collection of traditional and seasonal songs. Make the World Go Round is a collection of original songs and music created and performed by Mary Foshee and Dan Bilich. Traditional West African drum songs are also included. Produced by The Dance Foundation, these playful materials feature Alabama artists and offer limitless possibilities for creative fun. Most appropriate for ages 0-7 years.

To order curriculum resources, call 870-0073 or email