COVID-19 Update

APRIL 1, 2020 update

Dear Dance Foundation Families,

We hope that you are finding ways to be creative!  This is an unsettling time and we miss all of you.  We absolutely believe that creating dances, art, music and stories helps us feel hopeful, less anxious, and more connected.

We want to answer some questions that are probably on your mind, and continue to update you as our plans change, with new information about the health and safety of our community.

For fun and inspiration, use the links above and below to check out the videos made for you by our extraordinary teaching artists. They can be found on our You Tube Channel, Instagram and Facebook.  We have also posted some of our greatest hits from our Movement-to-Music classes on Soundcloud for you to dance with at home. And each class’s recital music is available for your dancer to listen to via Google Drive (Apple Pip | DAP/DEP). Did you see our kitchen dance challenge?  Share a video of your family dancing in the kitchen and tag it with #mykitchenisfordancin. Starting this week, we will begin having several live online classes for dancers in each of our programs.  Our program directors, Blakely and Shellie will be emailing you to invite your dancer to join in.  Check our website each week for a schedule if you do not see an email from them.

Hopeful Plans — subject to change!
As we learn more in the weeks to come, if it is safe to do so, we plan to re-open for classes May 25 for three weeks, and then have spring performances June 13-20.  We will do our best to reschedule satellite classes to be at our studio if it is not possible to schedule them at your school — more information to follow.  Summer classes will start June 1 as planned, and overlap the school year classes.

Tentative recital schedule is:

2 year old and Special Needs classes – in class sharing during week of June 15

2 ½ year old classes (Sylvia and Bird) – Saturday, June 13 at 4:30 and 5:30pm  at TDF studio theatre

Cast A (The Apple Pip Princess) – June 15 at 6pm the Alabama Theatre (no dress rehearsal)

Cast B (The Apple Pip Princess) – June 16 at 6pm at the Alabama Theatre (no dress rehearsal)

Cast C (The Apple Pip Princess) – June 18 at 6pm at the Alabama Theatre (no dress rehearsal)

DAP/DEP (Ever Wonder) – June 19 with 3pm dress rehearsal and 7pm performance at the Alabama Theatre

Now, some details:  Our tuition is based on a total for the school year, divided by 9 months to be consistent and account for seasonal closings. At this time, we know that we will be closed for 7 weeks (not counting spring break) and hope to re-open (May 25) to make up 3 of those weeks.  Therefore, we will begin the refund process of 4 weeks of prepaid tuition and adjust your account accordingly.  If we learn in a few weeks that it is prudent to remain closed for our school year session and not have our performances, we will refund tuition, a portion of your recital fees, and any flower and invitation orders. So, please give us to May 1 to see if we will re-open for classes May 25.  At that time, we will issue refunds. Please note that we will not bill for April which is the last bill for the school year.  Please contact us if you are in financial distress by emailing

While we are closed and plan for the future, I want to let you know that our Board of Directors has made a commitment to continue to pay our faculty and staff during this time period. These folks are essential to keep our mission in motion.

Please consider if you would like to help by declining any refunds and having that amount become a donation to help us through this time of uncertainty.  Another choice is to have your refund amount be a credit to your account next year.  Please complete this form only if you would like to help in one of these ways.

Recital photos and invitation orders may be picked up at the studio the week of May 1 using a drive-up process.  More details to follow.

Your support and participation keeps The Dance Foundation moving – now and into the future, when we can all be dancing together again, in person!

We miss you, and hope that you and your family are well.  Keep dancing at home and be safe.

Diane Litsey
Executive Director


UPCOMING LIVE CLASSES on ZOOM (Keep checking back for more offerings):

AGES 2-4 – Each Wednesday / Movement to Music
Contact for the zoom link

DAP/DEP – Each Tuesday / PBT
Level I  – 1:30-2:10
Level II / III / IV – 2:15-2:55
Contact for the zoom link

DAP/DEP – Each Wednesday / Class style changes each week
Level I / II – 1:30-2:10
Level III / IV – 2:15-2:55
Contact for the zoom link


In the top right corner of each video below is a drop-down menu of other videos in the playlist that are all available on The Dance Foundation’s YouTube Channel.

From our faculty – TDF 2019-2020 Season Classes (more videos coming soon!):

Great resources for dancers in 3rd-12th grades:

Hair and Makeup for the stage: