COVID-19 Safety Plan / Coming to Class

School Year 2021-22 Health Protocols as of August 5, 2021

Safety and health are our priority and we take our lead from the CDC and Alabama Department of Public health.  Anticipate changes in these protocols as we continue to learn and adapt to follow best practices and CDC recommendations. We will communicate changes or re-affirm current protocols periodically; next update will be shared on or before October 15.


  • To reduce the number of people in the facility, opportunities to observe classes in person will be limited.  Observation in person will be possible only for parents/guardians of students ages 2-4 years.  Only one parent/guardian per student will be allowed to observe in person.Siblings 1 year and younger are allowed with the parent but siblings 2 years and older will not be allowed to stay in the building. In person observers are requested to socially distance while in the facility. Parent/guardian observation in person for students ages 5 years and older will NOT be possible but classes may be observed via ZOOM.
  • First week check-in will take place outside the main entrance to direct students to their entrance door. Classes will be assigned an exterior door to use each time to enter, exit and be met by parents to minimize traffic flow through the building (main entrance, patio door, or studio 5 exterior door). Staff and volunteers will be on hand at the doors.
  • Students ages 5 and older should be dropped off at the door.  For students ages 5-7 years, parents/guardians may walk their student to their first week of class if needed.

Observe classes via ZOOM

Classes may be observed via ZOOM.  Should your student need ongoing virtual class accommodations, please contact us to discuss.  Parents of enrolled students will receive links and protocols for classes closer to start of the season.


  • All adults and students ages 5 and older will wear masks and maintain physical distance while at TDF, including during class, in lobbies and in hallways.
  • Children ages 3-4 are strongly encouraged to wear a maskwhile in the building and in class.
  • Students wearing masks in class will be given mask ‘breaks’ during class while they are not moving and are physically distant from others.   Students will be reminded regularly to self-monitor for light-headedness and as needed, to take a break from dancing, self-distance and remove their mask.  Teachers will monitor and adapt the pace of class.  Wearing a mask while dancing is an adjustment;   it will take time and patience to feel comfortable.
  • Each studio has a separate HVAC system, and the air temperature will be lowered.
  • Individuals are asked to inform us if they have a medical condition which prevents them from wearing a mask.
  • All faculty and staff will wear masks.

Health Screenings Prior to Arriving to TDF

  • Students must be fever-free without fever-reducing medication for 48 hours prior to attending or returning to class.
  • Parents/guardians are asked to monitor themselves and their child for ANY suspected illness and REFRAIN from coming to the studio IF ILL. This includes coughing, runny nose, etc.  If your student displays these symptoms, please have them stay home.
  • Parents/guardians are asked report to TDF staff if their child tests positive for COVID-19 and displayed symptoms within 48 hours following being at TDF.

Coming to Class

  • Students will wash or sanitize hands before and after class.  Sanitizer will be available throughout the facility.
  • Students will wash or sanitize hands when they leave and return to the space.  Hand sanitizer will be available by each studio and the front desk.
  • Students may not wear street shoes in the studios; dance shoes are not allowed outside the facility such as on the sidewalk or in the parking lot.  We recommend students find shoes such as Crocs to slip on over their ballet shoes or change shoes after entering the building but before entering the studio space.
  • Physical distancing will be encouraged in the class space as much as possible; creative props and space markings to help younger students physically distance in ways that are not overt or strict; the goal is to minimize close contact.  Curricula has been revised to allow for physical distancing.
  • Dressing rooms will not be in use.
  • Students may change in the restrooms and bring their personal items into the studio space; students will be assigned space for personal items inside their studio.
  • Snacks will be available for sale but food may not be eaten in the facility.
  • Drinking fountains will not be in use. Students should bring a labelled water bottle.

COVID-19 Exposure

  • In the event that a case of possible or COVID-19 exposure comes to our attention, TDF will assess the level of exposure and risk to others using current health guidelines.
  • The assessment will dictate any notifications and other protocols to be implemented.
  • If a student, faculty or staff member, or parent/guardian shows signs of illness while at TDF, staff will isolate that person and have them leave the premises as soon as possible.
  • All spaces and items relative to the exposure will be sanitized accordingly.
  • Reminder that prior to entering the facility, all people must be fever-free for 48 hours without fever-reducing medication.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

  • Props, equipment and barres will be cleaned after each use; sharing items will be significantly minimized or not allowed as the activity and safety warrant.
  • Facility will have an enhanced cleaning schedule; studio floors will be cleaned each evening.

Dancewear Shop

  • We encourage you to visit in the weeks prior to your first day of class to minimize the number of people in that space.
  • The Bargain Costume and Dancewear Sale kick-off will be held Friday, October 1 from noon-2pm; the sale will continue through October 16.

Thank you for being part of The Dance Foundation family, and for your help as we navigate this environment together for everyone’s health and safety.

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