COVID-19 Safety Plan / Coming to Class

updated May 20, 2021

Thank you for being part of The Dance Foundation family, and for your help as we continue to navigate and update safety precautions for everyone’s health and wellness.

The Dance Foundation is a place to make creative and personal discoveries and build community – through dance.  Help keep students, families and our community as safe as possible by reviewing and following these COVID-19 related protocols.

Like the season that just ended, our classes and camps will be a bit smaller and our hallways and lobbies will have fewer people.  Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.  As we have done this past year, anticipate changes in these protocols as we continue to learn and adapt to follow best practices as time goes on.

Health Screenings Prior to Arriving to TDF

  • Students must be fever-free without fever-reducing medication for 48 hours prior to attending or returning to class.
  • Parents/guardians are asked to monitor themselves and their child for ANY suspected illness and REFRAIN from coming to the studio IF ILL.

Coming to Class

  • Students will wash or sanitize hands before and after class.
  • Students will wash or sanitize hands when they leave and return to the space.  Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the building.
  • Students may not wear street shoes in the studios; dance shoes are not allowed outside the facility such as on the sidewalk or in the parking lot.  We recommend students find shoes such as Crocs to slip on over their ballet shoes or change shoes before entering the studio space.
  • Physical distancing will be encouraged in the class space as much as possible.
  • Dressing rooms will not be in use.
  • Students may change in the restrooms and bring their personal items into the studio space; students will be assigned space for personal items inside their studio.
  • Snacks will be available for sale but food may not be eaten in the facility.
  • Drinking fountains will not be in use. Students should bring a labelled water bottle.

Drop Off

You may come in the building with your child to drop them off for class and leave once the class begins. You may come back inside at the end of class time to pick up your child. Parents of students ages 2-4 may stay to observe class.


To minimize the number of people in the facility, opportunities to observe classes in person will be limited to our youngest students (ages 2-4). Observation for Kindergarten and older classes will not be possible.

Masks and Physical Distancing

  • Students may choose to wear or not wear a mask in class, camp or in the facility.
  • Adults are encouraged to wear masks in the facility; fully vaccinated adults may choose not to wear a mask.
  • All visitors are encouraged to maintain physical distance while in the facility.

Virtual Class Option

If your child cannot attend class due to COVID-19 related health issues, your child may be able take class virtually.  The request must be made by phone call at least 30 minutes prior to class start time.  (This is not an option for camps.)

COVID-19 Exposure

  • In the event that a case of possible or COVID-19 exposure comes to our attention, TDF will assess the level of exposure and risk to others using current health guidelines. An assessment will dictate any notifications and other protocols to be implemented.
  • If a student, faculty or staff member, or parent/guardian shows signs of illness while at TDF, staff will isolate that person and have them leave the premises as soon as possible.
  • Reminder that prior to entering the facility, all people must be fever-free for 48 hours without fever-reducing medication.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

  • Facility will have an enhanced cleaning schedule throughout the day; studio floors will be cleaned each evening.
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