moving together

Infants  [6 weeks to 6 months]
This class is for infants and their favorite grown up.  Learn creative play that supports your little one in reaching developmental milestones, including tummy time and sensory stimulation through movement and music.  Infant and adult participate together.

Summer 2015 (July 6-31)  Fee:  $25
Thursday, 9:45-10:15

Fall 2015 (Sept. 8-Nov. 14)  Fee: $80
Thursday, 10:15-10:45

Spring 2016 (Jan. 5-March 12)  Fee:  $80
Thursday, 10:15-10:45


Toddlers [12-24 months]  
This class is for toddlers and their favorite grown up.  Share interactive music and movement activities designed to nurture your toddler’s developmental growth.  Toddler and adult participate together and are led by a creative team of dancer and musician.

Fee:  $135

Summer 2015 (June 1-August 1)
Tuesday, 9:15-10:00

Fall 2015 (Sept. 8-Nov. 14)
Tuesday, 9:15-10:00
Wednesday, 9:15-10:00
Saturday, 9:15-10:00

Spring 2016 (Jan. 5-March 12)
Tuesday, 9:15-10:00
Saturday, 9:15-10:00

Students must meet the class age by October 1, 2015.

Click here for development guidelines and CDF curriculum.


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