dance artist program

[3rd-12th grades]

The Dance Artist Program [DAP] is for dancers in 3rd through 12th grades who wish to advance through focused and committed study. This program is designed to provide the dancer with a solid technical foundation in modern dance and/or ballet, with classes in dance improvisation and choreography to fuel creativity and artistry.

Dancers in the DAP must choose two or all three of the following classes:  Dance Improvisation, Modern Dance, Ballet.  In addition, DAP students are encouraged to take any of the following as electives: Tap, Jazz, Preparation for Pointe, Acting.  Students are placed in a level appropriate to their modern dance and/or ballet proficiency.  Intermediate and advanced students are eligible to take choreography as an elective and to audition for our performing Ensemble.

DAP students are encouraged to enroll regularly in Dance Improvisation as an essential component of the DAP.  Dance improvisation is the formal process of creating movement spontaneously within a structure defined by the teaching artist.  Dancers explore one or more elements of shape, energy, space and time.  Advancing from “free dance” in our Movement-to-Music and Young Dancer curriculum, older students practice dance improvisation and movement invention to discover their unique artistic voice, gain confidence, learn to think on their feet and prepare to choreograph.

Dancers who complete the DAP will have the foundation necessary to enter a college or university dance program if it is their desire.

student ensemble  
int and adv DAP students by audition only, May 14, 4:30-6:30 | DETAILS
The Student Ensemble is an opportunity for students to gain insight and experience in the creative aspects of the dance profession. Ensemble members work with professional choreographers and regularly perform.  Interested members also gain mentorship to create and showcase their own choreography.

Summer 2015 [June 1-August 1]

Preparation for Pointe     4:30-5:15
TEEN Modern Dance     5:30-7:00

September 2015-May 2016

Modern I DAP  4:00-5:00
Ballet II DAP    4:00-5:15
Tap III/IV DAP    4:10-5:10
Ballet I DAP    5:05-6:05
Tap I   5:15-6:15
Modern III DAP    5:20-6:50
Acting 6th-8th    4:00-5:15
Acting 9th-12th    5:20-6:35

Jazz I    4:00-5:00
Tap II  DAP    4:00-5:00
Improv II DAP    4:10-5:10
Ballet III DAP    5:15-6:45
Acting 3rd-5th    5:25-6:25

Improv I DAP    4:00-5:00
Prep for Pointe DAP  4:15-5:15
Jazz II DAP    5:20-6:50

Modern II DAP    4:15-5:30
Ensemble DAP    5:45-7:30


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