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Moving Together / 12-24 months

$40 annual family registration fee;  $160/session

This class is for toddlers and their favorite grown up, offered for a 10-week session in fall and spring.  Toddler and adult participate together, sharing movement and music activities designed to nurture your toddler’s physical and mental developmental growth.  The class is led by a creative team of dancer and musician. 

Tues 9:15-10:00

Session 1: Sept 7-Nov 10, 2021 (Students must be at least 12 months old by Oct 1, 2021) 

Session 2: Jan 4-March 9, 2022 (Students must be at least 12 months old by Feb 1, 2022) 


Dance Improvisation for dancers and movers / 3rd grade and up

Discover how to use movement for personal expression, engage your creativity and build confidence through the practice of creating movement spontaneously. Students explore elements of shape, energy, space and time with prompts and guidance from the teaching artist and learn to respond to each other’s imagination, intelligence, styles and energy through movement choices made in the moment. Physical involvement and mental awareness are central to dance improvisation; therefore we recommend that students have experience in dance, gymnastics, karate, yoga or other movement practice. Attire: girls – leotard with footless tights or leggings; boys – fitted shirt with pants or leggings

$40 annual family registration fee; $105/session

Taught by Sara Wallace

Thursday 4:10-5:05

Session 1 for 6th-12th grade: Sept 11-Oct 21

Session 2 for 9th-12th grade: Oct 28-Dec 16 

Session 3 for 3rd-5th grade: Jan 6-Feb 17 

Session 4 for 6th-8th: March 3-April 21


Hip Hop / 1st & 2nd grade

$40 annual family registration fee;  $160/session

An upbeat class set to fun, popular music that combines the basics of hip hop and jazz dance and focuses on learning short routines each week. Class is taught by Sha’Diamond Mayfield.

Thurs 4:00-4:45
Thurs 4:50-5:35

Session 2: Oct 28-Dec 16 

Attire: Express yourself in any age-appropriate style (ie. leggings or pants and t-shirt or tank top) and flat bottom CLEAN sneakers that you do NOT wear outside. The oils from outside can damage our floor. Some movements may be done on the knees; therefore, pants that cover the knees or knee pads are recommended. Dancers also need full coverage of their back.  If the dancer has another dance class right before/after, bring something that can be pulled over their dance clothes.

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