Summer Camps and Classes

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2022 CAMPS

Students must be camp grade level by the 22-23 school year.  Campers will be given a snack break each day and will receive a T-shirt.  Camps are led by professionally trained teaching artists in our studios.  

Once Upon a Fairytale 

“Beauty and the Beast”, “Little Red Riding Hood”,  “Cinderella,” and “Jack and the Beanstalk” — these are some of the fairytales that will inspire daily adventures with 4K and 5K friends. Campers explore the day’s tale through dance, arts and crafts, music and storytelling. This is a great introduction to day camp for your little one, complete with a tea party on the last day. Must be camp age by September 1, 2022. 

4K / T-TH / 9am-12pm / $95
June 14-16
June 21-23
July 12-14

5K / M-F / 9am-12pm / $145
June 6-10
June 13-17
July 11-15

Once Upon a Ballet 

The perfect camp for your budding ballerina or ballerino!  First- to third-grade campers will discover the familiar folktales of ballet, learn classical dance steps, watch short clips from famous ballets, make costume pieces, explore the use of props, and dance along with the traditional music of Sleeping Beauty, The Nutcracker and others!

Entering 1st-3rd grade / M-F / 9am-12pm / $145
June 13-17
July 18-22

Adventures in Enchanted Lands

Visit a world limited only by your imagination! Create your own mermaid story, search for dragon’s eggs, and design your own fairy wings.  Each day is an adventure with magical creatures and enchanted activities. Campers explore each day’s theme through dance, art and drama classes.

Entering 1st-3rd grade / M-F / 9am-12pm / $145
June 20-24
July 11-15

Dance Exploration

This camp is a great first, second or tenth experience in dance!  Third to sixth graders will learn about dance history,  rhythm, stage makeup and will have the opportunity to try out a variety of dance styles including Ballet, Modern Dance, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre and more!  

Entering 3rd-6th grade / M-F / 9am-12pm / $145
June 20-24

Dance Workshop 

The Dance Workshop is for students who desire to perform!  Campers will participate in a daily technique class followed by rehearsal of choreography.  They will perform at the end of the week in a showing for family and friends and again during the upcoming dance season at The Dance Foundation. Campers must have at least three recent consecutive years of dance training.

Entering 6th-12th grade / M-TH / 12:30pm-4pm / $175
July 11-14


Weekly CLASSES June 6-August 6, 2022

Classes run June 6 – August 6 and will not meet July 2-8. Students must be the class age/grade by June 1, 2022.  Classes are taught by professional teaching artists.  Classes through first grade are accompanied by live music. 

Moving Together for 12-24 months with a grown up, $145
This class is for toddlers and their favorite grown up. Toddler and adult participate together, sharing movement and music activities designed to nurture your toddler’s physical and mental developmental growth.  The class is led by a creative team of dancer and musician.

Wednesday 10:10-10:55 

Movement-to-Music for ages 2-4, $145
Our unique curriculum for young children, Movement-to-Music, offers an imaginative environment to move and explore dance concepts appropriate for each developmental stage.  Classes are accompanied by live piano music and are taught with care and enthusiasm, offering both creative spontaneity and structure.

2 year olds
Wed 11:05-11:50
Sat 9:15-10:00

2 ½ year olds
Mon 11:05-11:50
Tues 10:10-10:55
Sat 10:10-10:55

3 year olds
Mon 10:10-10:55
Tues 11:05-11:50
Thurs 10:10-10:55
Thurs 4:00-4:45
Sat 9:15-10:00
Sat 11:05-11:50

4 year olds
Thurs 11:05-11:50
Thurs 4:50-5:35
Sat 10:10-10:55

Let’s Get Moving for Students with Disabilities and/or Learning Differences, $75
At the core of The Dance Foundation’s mission is to teach the art of dance to all. Whenever possible we integrate students with disabilities or learning differences into our typical classes. But for the student who needs a little more support in a smaller class, we have designed our Let’s Get Moving classes. Classes provide a creative environment for having fun, improving gross motor skills, building strength and coordination, and working together with friends. This class is a great option for students who have Autism, Down Syndrome, or other circumstances where they would benefit from a more flexible class and slower pace while having fun with music and movement.

Ages 4-10 Tuesday 4:00-4:45
Ages 11-14 Tuesday 5:00-5:45

Young Dancer Program for K-2nd grade, $145/class
Our Program for Young Dancers (K-2nd grades) is designed to build dance fundamentals, specifically alignment, strength, flexibility and rhythm. Basic ballet vocabulary and modern dance concepts are introduced using imagery to enliven technical concepts. This summer, Tap is offered starting at the first grade level but students must also enroll in a ballet class. Ballet classes are accompanied by live piano music.

Ballet entering Kindergarten   Wednesday 2:30-3:15
Ballet entering Kindergarten & 1st   Saturday 11:05-11:50
Ballet entering 1st & 2nd grade   Tuesday 3:00-3:45
Ballet entering 1st & 2nd grade   Wednesday 3:20-4:05
Tap entering 1st & 2nd grade*   Tuesday 3:45-4:15
Hip Hop entering 2nd grade   Wednesday 5:30-6:15

*requires enrollment in Ballet


Dance Artist Program for entering 3rd-12th grade, $145/class

Groups B, C and Pointe are by placement only; contact the program director for placement. Prep for Pointe and Pointe require enrollment in Ballet Group B or C.

For currently-enrolled students, 
Current 2nd grade and Level I = Group A
Current Level II = Group B
Current Level III and IV = Group C

For entering 3rd grade and up; recommended pairing with Modern. Ballet technique builds strength and flexibility while developing body awareness and establishing strong posture and alignment of the body. Teaching artists will employ repetition, and students are trained to increase focus, concentration, and attention to detail.  Increased study produces confidence, creativity, and overall self-awareness.

Ballet Group A Monday 5:35-6:35
Ballet Group B Monday 4:15-5:30
Ballet Group C Tuesday 4:15-5:45

Prep for Pointe
Open to all summer Ballet Group B and C students. Students will practice exercises specifically designed to build strength in the feet, ankles, and core and may repeat this class multiple times.  Age, physical structure/development and strength will ultimately determine a student’s readiness for demi pointe and/or pointe shoes.  Each student’s timeline will be different.
Thursday 4:15-5:30

By placement only; required pairing with Ballet Group C.  As students receive their first pair of demi-pointe or pointe shoes they will learn terminology related to the structure of the shoe, how to sew shoes, and general instructions for foot care, etc.  Students will continue strength-building exercises as well as begin to incorporate previously learned ballet vocabulary but now en pointe.
Thursday 5:35-6:50

For entering 3rd grade and up; recommended pairing with Ballet Group A. Modern technique uses the body in a myriad of ways developing a strong sense of groundedness while encouraging self expression. Class is taken in bare feet and uses a variety of music styles, typically percussion and world music but also, classical and pop music. Modern training builds strong posture and alignment, like ballet, through many of the same movements – bending, stretching, balancing and turning.  In contrast to ballet, modern incorporates floor work such as rolls, slides, and inversions (going upside down on the hands) as well as opportunities to improvise making personal discoveries and finding artistic expression.
Modern Group A Monday 4:30-5:30
Modern Group B Monday 5:35-6:50
Modern Group C Tuesday 5:55-7:25

Hip Hop
Combining the basics of hip-hop with jazz and social dance moves, this class series will focus on learning short dances to popular music.
Group A Tuesday 4:15-5:15
Group B Tuesday 5:20-6:20

This class is our Dance Explorations Camp spread out over the summer.  Dancers get a taste of a variety of dance styles – one week each of Ballet, Modern, African, Tap, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Improvisation, and Hip Hop.

entering 3rd-6th grade Wednesday 4:15-5:15
entering 7th-12th grade Wednesday 5:20-6:20